Village halls

We can cater for most village hall hardwood flooring requirements.

We understand that there may be budget restraints, which limits the type of flooring available to choose from, but with our extensive range of hardwoods we should be able to find something within budget.

In addition to installing new floors we are also able to repair and resurface existing wood flooring. We offer maintenance advice which will, if followed, dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining the floor over the years.

We work with insurance companies on claims for flood and fire damage to flooring. In most cases the flooring is not salvageable (especially in flood conditions) and most insurance companies will work on a ‘like for like’ basis.

In cases of flood damage it is important to keep checking the moisture content in the subfloor and the humidity levels in the air prior to any new flooring being installed. We have the necessary equipment to monitor these conditions until they are at a suitable level for laying the new floor. This will guard against any problems that may occur due to residual moisture being retained and affecting the new wooden floor.

To find out more just give us a call or use our online enquiry form.

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