Heritage and listed buildings

Our experience covers working with floors in listed buildings where certain requirements need to be adhered to, such as a specific type of wood or board size.

In some cases the existing flooring is protected under a listing designation and cannot under any circumstances be removed or damaged. We offer solutions that ensure that the floor remains untouched and intact. These solutions include installing the new floor on raised joists (see photos).

As a company we work with specialist suppliers to source the woods required and make sure they are in keeping with the age of the building (Georgian, Jacobean or Tudor). Where new wood is used we will make it look aged to blend in with the surroundings.

We understand the challenges involved in working with heritage and listed building floors and are able to offer many solutions to some of the most commonly faced problems. We acknowledge that in some circumstances it is not always possible to provide a solution due to potential subfloor or structural problems. However, we will always give impartial advice to ensure that we have explored all the options available to assess the viability of the work required.

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