Top tips for the maintenance of your hardwood floor

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your floor in top condition but there are a few things to bear in mind.

If grit or dirt has been dragged in vacuum with appropriate hardwood flooring attachment (soft bristle head) before wiping over with a mop so as you’re not abrading the finished surface.

If using a slightly damp mop or cloth any surface moisture should evaporate within 1 minute, if not then a dry mop or cloth needs to be run over to remove the excess moisture.

A water or solvent based seal can be treated from time to time to give extra protection using a range of liquid cleaners and polishes specially made for wooden floors, we can supply these if required.

To avoid scratches from furniture we would recommend the application of felt furniture feet and for furniture with castors use castor cups to evenly distribute the weight and where practical always lift furniture rather than drag.

It is advisable to have some form of coir matting where people enter the property directly onto the wooden floor, this will help trap grit and dirt (we can supply this if required).

Avoid stiletto heels (if practical).

Avoid extreme temperature changes in rooms where wood floors exist, a consistent temperature is always advisable.

We would advise applying a coat of seal every five to six years, providing no form of polish or wax (unless supplied by Primo Ordo) has been used on the surface. We would be happy to provide this service for a minimal charge providing there has been no interference to the floor from any company other than Primo Ordo.

If you follow these few basic rules you will have years of enjoyment from your wooden floors.

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